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Breatheology – Meet the freediving World Champion!

Stig Severinsen believes through the power of breath you can control stress, increase energy, perform better physically and mentally as well as alleviate pain. Not only that, he can hold his breath for 22 minutes…

I recently had the privilege of attending a masterclass with the one and only Stig Severinsen, 4 time world freediving champion and multiple world record holder. The workshop was first class, one of the best I have attended and I came away with some great insights about the intersection of breath and movement.

Stig began the experiment of holding his breath underwater as a kid at the swimming pool. But unlike the rest of us, he didn’t come up screaming for air after 30 seconds—he rarely was out of breath. It’s no surprise he proceeded to excel in underwater rugby and hockey, and later he became a free-diver. He started logging records for depth and time—with and without fins—using his knowledge of biology and PhD in medicine paired with a practice of yoga.

Stig’s knowledge is deep and highly practical, given his elite background. He teaches a fascinating mix of yoga techniques combined with modern sports physiology. In this TEDx video he goes into some of his methods:

If you have the chance to attend one of Stig’s workshops.. Just GO! It’s an experience!



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