Corporate Flow


A modern organisation is like a living organism with a heart. It exists in a commercial and social ecosystem and creates a high quality of life both in its activities and in its internal management system. In 2015 every successful organisation adopts a cultivator approach where management sows seeds among the team and harvests transformation with affection, autonomy and shared responsibility.

Successful organisations also leverage diversity, but in doing so it can be difficult to determine how to grow the culture for all staff and management simultaneously.

Our Corporate Flow program is at the cutting edge of redefining corporate wellness and experiential team development. Through our workshops we take inherent strengths and use them to examine the assumptions that characterise plateaus in team cohesion and effectiveness. We have adapted techniques used by elite athletes and international dance companies in preparing individuals for perfect execution and team dynamics in high pressure environments.

We work with select clients. Please be in touch to discuss fit for your organisation.