Too old for going out clubbing? Don’t want to deal with alcohol, drugs, smoking, late hours, or fights?

Where is there to go for celebration, connection, dancing and good pure fun with a bit of spice? These night time Movitate sessions are just for you! Two hours of non stop dancing, connecting and laughing in a dim lit dance floor where you can discover the depths of your soul or connect in an intimate, fun, safe and comfortable way with others.

Just as the name suggests Movitate is a combination of movement and meditation, creating the space to uncover your truest potential.  These sessions are guided but not structured, and are for people to express and explore their inner world with others who feel the need for true authentic connection. So kick off your shoes as we dance bare feet, (no need to worry about heel injuries!), and lets get grounded again, lets go on this journey together!

We are launching our weekly sessions on Friday 12th February 7pm at Bulimba Uniting Church. Contact us for further details. looking forward to connecting with you on the dance floor!

Movitate! True authentic movement

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