Authenticity Gym


Would you be comfortable to dance in front of your co-workers in the office if put on the spot? Why not? It is common for us to feel social judgement, and this is particularly heightened when we need to speak in public or be watched by others. Have you noticed that some people don’t seem affected by this? The good news is that research confirms that these skills can be practiced and learned.

Our Authenticity Gym workshops series features fun and highly-interactive group exercises and ‘games’ that explore ways of seeing, connecting, and appreciating yourself and others at a deeper level. By ‘games’ we mean fun, highly interactive partner and group exercises that demonstrate and explore authentic relating, getting to know yourself better while at the same time learning to see and appreciate more about everyone you connect with. These games are NOT board games like Snakes & Ladders and checkers.

By ‘authentic’ we mean that there is no cookie-cutter mold for how you “should” be or what relating “should look like”. Everyone is a complete universe unto themselves, has a unique style, personality, and integrity that is perfectly *them*, and everyone is perfect and amazing as they are (including their belief that they aren’t.) Our workshops offer safe places for taking risks, practicing the art of relating with others, playing a little more outside our comfort zones and discovering more about ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.

Engaging with oneself and others in this safe, spontaneous container affords the opportunity to create and foster a culture of conscious connection, positive regard, and authenticity in relationship. Expect laughter. Fun. Energy. More genuine connection. Anxiety/excitement (while learning the difference). Relief. Feeling alive and awake. Reverence. Conversation beyond small talk. Play. Connection. New possibilities. New friends. Insights. Sparks. Challenges. Personal growth. Transformation.

You will leave with a willingness to be curious, to extend your idea of yourself and others, to expand your perspective, to be moved by another person, to lean into your edge, to be surprised, to reflect, and to embrace the whole process.